We left as 2 and came back a little more than 3. 4 years in China and a countless unforgettable experiences later, we are on to a new adventure, this time one revolving around family and children. At least half a year of deliberations where we should go after China, only to see love and that magical baby spark take their course. The new baby has decided for the East-Central corner of Germany. Just a lesson that when a decision is difficult, it’s better to “loslassen.” I love that German word that literally translated means, “let go.” Looking back now, it’s seems like one of life’s many ironies that we even had spreadsheets with matrix point systems identifying the best place for us to go.

Dusseldorf is the closest city to Patrick’s new position at Schaeffler located in Wuppertal. It gives us the green, urban, international, well-connected home base from which to start the next chapter of our lives. It’s no Amsterdam and no Vienna, definitely no Shanghai, but it’s starting to feel like home.

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