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Last day. “Last” sounds so final, so conclusive. Will we return to live here again? Can’t say. Will we miss it? Certainly. Every corner of the city offers up a significant memory. Falling in love is Wien, our marriage Wien, the first steps in our careers, Wien, Wien, Wien. A decade of Wien.

Looking around the Museumsquartier during brunch, I thought “nothing will be this familiar for a long while.” I told myself to appreciate being able to order my coffee, understanding when something is offensive and when not, never having to look at a map to find my way. Yes, this was home.

From 12:30pm to the moment we boarded the plane, we were surrounded by our dearest friends. True friends. Those who will take each step with you so you are never alone. Guide, support, and coach and KNOW you. We leave behind friends and family who have loved, supported, and influenced us in so many pivotal moments over the years.

Is it possible to be so nostalgic at age 30? This city has been like a strict teacher to me, offering a learning process that was foremost enriching but also incredibly challenging and sometimes so so frustrating. I come out a stronger person, better informed, more in tune with myself and those around me. I wish for the same result in our future destinations, for the next third of our lives.