I vacillate from one hour to the next on my feelings on the changes that digital technology, specifically the internet, has brought us. I curse, I embrace, I use, and I reject. Here are my thoughts of the day:


1. Maintaining relationships despite leading a life oceans apart from very necessary and cherished people.

2. Learning. From Youtube videos to today’s discovery http://www.skillshare.com, I am amazed at the wealth of useful educational resources.

3. Accessibility. Recipes to shopping. It’s all right at the fingertips.

4. Working virtually. I work on projects with colleagues all over the globe.

5. Freedom. Everyone can have a voice. And it has changed governments to companies.


1. Mainting relationships mainly or only via devices. I have to make an effort to actually see people or hear their voices.

2. De-value of interactivity and personal connection. I still prefer face-to-face communication above all other forms.

3. Speed. Things getting “solved” so quickly. Where is the quality if it’s a race to the finish line? I feel pressured to catch up all the time.

4. Refining being “alone.” Is it now time that is spent without any other human presence? Or any presence at all? I can become so absorbed in social web activity that I don’t realize I have been alone.

5. The noise. The distractions from so many “voices” that are now heard, and the work it takes to get to authenticity.

“We are grossly underestimating the impact of the social web.” Gary Vaynerchuk

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