With over 15 years experience in International Marketing and Communications, I have worked in a variety of organizations across the globe. I arrived at my current location, Erlangen, Germany in summer 2013 and found myself ambitiously wanting to combine a great deal of interests in one occupation. Last year, I took the first step in becoming self-employed and consulting in my field. “Products” I provide can be grouped into two categories: services & trainings.

Main services include:

  • consulting on branding strategy & management,
  • selecting sales distribution and advertising channels,
  • developing advertising tools (online/offline),
  • developing/writing content for marketing,
  • researching market segments and trends,
  • planning sales events and tradeshow exhibits.

Trainings include:

  • branding workshops,
  • cultural awareness & communication,
  • one-on-one coaching on how to establish personal brand (even when on foreign turf)

More details about my background can be found here:  de.linkedin.com/in/burcuculpanscherr. Please share my contact or feel free to link me with those interested.