This blog is a showcase for topics that interest me and are current to my life. I have integrated “historical” posts from the time when I first started blogging – the start of my life as an expat living in China. So the articles are a motley of past & present. The future is yet to be written (sorry! couldn’t resist).

In November 2014, I attended a workshop in New York on a Design Thinking process called Deconstruction/Reconstruction (Ayse Birsel). I was asked to find a metaphor, a visualization, which would represent the life I love. Integral to the process are being playful and instinctively going with the first thoughts that come to mind.

For me, it was a BRIDGE.

I was the physical bridge with one leg firmly planted on one side and the other leg on the other side. A bridge by definition is a connecting route. I, by experience, connect East and West, rural and urban, young and old, chaos and order, routine and creativity, traditional and modern, and more.