Yes, we are getting excited. Only 4 more weeks to go.

No, we are not ready. Still waiting on grandmommy Oya and nursery furniture to arrive, not to mention all that parenthood stuff!

No, we don’t have a name. Not a final one anyway, but we are close and we think it will start with a K.

Yes, we are getting nervous. Am I going to agree with friends who wanted to pop the baby back in?

Yes, I have seen him in my dreams. He looked a lot like Alpay (my brother) did as a baby only taller.

Yes, he kicks and moves a lot. There’s not enough space for him – he’s apparently pretty big.

Yes, I’m still working. Will stop right before mommy comes on May 15th.

Yes, Patrick is being a great prenatal dad. He buys us milk every night and attends every prenatal class.

Yes, we will have the baby in Shanghai. At a private clinic where many many expats have had their babies.

Yes, my doctor is Chinese and she’s young, modern, speaks excellent English and so smart.

No, baby K will not get Chinese citizenship. You need Chinese blood in China.

Yes, I did have a shower. It was through work and they got us exactly what we asked for – very cool.

Yes, I will get maternity leave. 4 months.

Yes, we are going to try to go natural – on everything from birth to breastfeeding. Cross your fingers!

Yes, he will be loved. The first grandchild of my side of the family. The second on Patrick’s. He will have many ‘aunties and uncles’ all over the world. What more could a guy ask for?

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