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After researching and talking a lot about it, I finally bought my first Ashtanga yoga books. They are written by Gregor Maehle All I want to do is curl up with these books and practice yoga all day long! The way it is written, the tips and the content are so informative. Perusing for a few minutes between putting my daughter in bed (for the 3rd time) and cooking dinner for myself/my husband, I realized what a well of wisdom I now have at my fingertips. It was really intimidating to delve into yoga literature, because there is so much ancient scripture that has been interpreted – and its kind of like any tradition with a long lineage – how is it being represented? Is the source reliable and can the material be communicated in a way that can be easily (or somewhat easily) digested?

What I really enjoyed this morning is that I needed less effort to “release” from the past and move into the present. The prana, or light force, seemed to move with more ease. Just being aware of what the breathing was intended to do – the sound, the movement into the body – made it more possible. The yoga mat is a gift, because there’s nothing to it. In the day of modern consumption, it’s one of life’s treasures to stand on that mat and listen to passage of air.