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My husband is sad to be second best. Every bed time, our kids fight over who gets to go with me. I feel torn. Not only to have to choose between my children. I wish they would fight over him, but then how would I feel if I were second choice? I am told that time will tell, as kids tend to swing back and forth as they mature. On the subject of gatekeeper moms, I wonder how many moms actually intend to be gatekeepers and how many are trying to be the best  they can be and just happen to end up that way. Hindsight is 20/20. I asked myself this question: had I known what I know now, would I have chosen not to nurse and shared my parental leave with my husband (not that this was an option, but we could have tried different avenues)? We were clearly the non-traditional couple going down the very traditional route. Where was our adventurous, innovation-loving spirit then?