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Today I had a talk with my mom. She said, “I think you will do something with your brain.” Confused, I asked her “as opposed to what?” She answered, “you won’t be doing something physical.” My inner cynic said “well yeah, I think I can rule out Sledgehammer Operator.” But as it turns out, she was ruling out yoga, teaching, and other things where your body/presence is in the forefront. Hm.  She asserts that I follow the lineage of my father –  concentrated, inwardly, and analytic in style – rather than that of my mother – outreaching, expressive, and dynamic. And I see myself as a mix of both, but maybe I have misjudged some of my traits, because I do, in truth, love writing and being immersed in my own thoughts. So here I am, back to the blog.

I am more relaxed today. I coincidentally came upon and re-read a letter filled with wise words of advise sent to me by a friend a year ago. It came on the heels of a long conversation we had about my lifestyle and the imbalance thereof: over-time mom/wife and no-time yogi, communication expert, volunteer conflict manager, global friend, and critical thinker.

Take your time is what she told me. I’m going to use this next year to research the possibilities I have and see what is “out there for me.” Accomplishments today: I looked at IDEO’s website, signed up for TED’s blog, and requested my first ever google scholar alert. I registered to do my company’s taxes online. I sent my friend’s a link to the Ban Bossy campaign, as I think it can relate to her Girls Gearing Up summer camp for future female leaders. I also finally downloaded the “What Does the Fox Say” youtube video for my kids and showed my mom how to dance “Gangham Style” – but it is debatable if the last two also count as accomplishments…